Año nuevo, time to rethink strategies | Express IT: Año nuevo, time to rethink strategies

sábado, 9 de marzo de 2013

Año nuevo, time to rethink strategies


I'm not the kind of guy who makes new year's commitments but begining of the calendar cycle is always a good time to look back and analyze what I've done and measure the achivements. But its not enough to watch, one must take action and do adjustments here and there as a result of our own review.

In 2005 I started building the online presence wich allows me to show up my skills and involvement in the open source community, first this blog born and I used to publish some kind of how-to guides, afterwards I realized a wiki would be better tool for the how-to type of stuff and Mi Kiwi went online sometime in 2007~2008. Also I got the celisdelafuente.net domain name, the blog became Express IT along with design reshape and the posts became my opinions, discoveries and news related to the IT field abroad, to complete the online identity triangle I created a web site ernesto.celisdelafuente.net is an entry point where anyone can read my career resume and browse the various projects I'm involved in, all tied to my own name, since I'm a freelancer professional resembling the model used by companies in building online presence and sharing of knowledge and resources makes me look better to employeers eyes. Of course I also went social by using twitter, linkedin and other social networks in strategic way, which is the topic for a future post.

All of this actions are only the marketing strategy, I've also invest a lot of time in research and self training mostly by taking advantage of free online offerings and I honestly cand say that it has produced results. I've got job not only in the city where I live, I've working in various states of Mexico and also for one USA company and had been choosen to enter in drafts for positions in a couple of big IT companies.

So now its that time again, I've decided to switch the content in Express IT from Spanish to English; the change fits better with the blog's name and English is the standard in the IT field, talking about working with world wide spread teams and the posts will also include about the projects I'm working on, becoming a kind of developing journal plus the news and opinions I usually blog about. Before I had various blogs wich covered developing, unix and even single project topics, from now on all those will be consolidated here.

Mi kiwi will be the place where the spanish language content will go and keeps focused in how-to type stuff, while the web site only will get an english version and every social network I use related to my career will be reviewed and used in english also.

I'll see in one year or two how this changes result.